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Signs of the Times at OWS

I attended OWS again on Oct 22. The occupation is now in it’s sixth week. It has spawned countless other occupations in the country and worldwide. It has survived a serious attempt by Mayor Bloomie to evict the occupiers, and after that they have truly set up camp. The numbers of the true occupiers, those who brave the fall NY cold has grown as well. When the occupation started, they were not allowed to pitch tents. Then the medical team setup a tent. The city tried to make them take it down, but lost to the occupiers in that effort as well.

This tent is fully equipped for anything short of mayhem. Donations of medical doo-dads arrive every day and are stored a block away. The tent is run by RNs 24/7. These RNs are donating their time of course. One said to me that although the medical field has avoided the massive decimation of jobs "you never know".

After that, people set up tents and the little city bloomed.

Just one little corner of the city of Liberty Park. Besides these tents, there is an area to feed people, a press center, a comfort center (with warm clothes) and even a library! The library had everything from books on organizing to mysteries!

As far as people spouting political stuff, there seems to be a contingent of Ron Paul supporters desperately looking for some sort of support. “End the Fed” is their theme.  They are loud, they do not get stacked at a  GA, so they are mostly an annoyance, no one gives them much attention.

There was a story in USA today about a 25 year old woman who graduated with $50,000 in student loans. She accepted this was her “fault”. She had gone to Penn State instead of staying home in Maryland to go to school. She had a low paying job, without any health benefits, and was making payments on her loan, being responsible. Then she got mugged. Her medical bills were $30,000. Now she is without a job (she got fired for missing a couple of weeks recovering) and $80k in debt. So she came to join OWS.

I was there on a Saturday. Even though technically I too was a tourist, the numbers of tourists sort of made the place seem like the Disneyland of the Revolution. There were Japanese tourists running around with their cameras  pointing at people and laughing while they snapped away.

All this extra-curricular activity truly crowded little Liberty Park and made it very difficult to have meaningful discussions.   So I just watched and took my own photos.

The signs people are making remain both to  the point, and usually quite creative.

I had to laugh at this guy.

I think this boomer has the right idea. This revolution IS what we can do for our country, IMHO.

A little grim, but it raises little grins. In case you do not know, not a single person has been brought up on any charges for the collapse of the economy due to the mortgage scandal. Not one.

Yes, true. Now let us take this resolve and use it to solve the problem!

These guys just do not look like unwashed hippies to me. YOU?

I was on my way out of the park to go home and watch game 3 of the world series ( I still have some priorities right) when I saw this person, so I did not get to ask what she meant, or what a house elve is.

It takes all kinds to make a revolution. I cannot imagine a revolution without clowns.

Two authors I am shamed to say I know nothing of have become cultural heroes in the park. Zinn is one, and the other is De La Vega. Looks like I have some serious reading to do

As the occupation grows, the park fills, and the winter arrives, people are housing "out-of-towners" through an organized effort. This is just another group that exists in this city-in-a-city to make it self sustaining.

This display of union workers hard hats was established in homage to the liberty tree in Boston where the elite of the first American Revolution met with commoners to talk about freedom from England.

A version of the American flag. It should be noted that not a single flag burning has occured, and the GA has determined that old glory cannot be flown up-side-down. The occupiers love America, they just want the American dream for anyone willing to work for it. They do not want hand outs, they want good paying jobs with health insurance,

If not us, who? Who indeed.


Of course the NYPD presence is incredible. They stay outside the park. It is almost like they have the occupiers in a corral. If they decide to make a march on something, they do not ask permission, but they do say “We are marching on blah de blah at 1 p.m. The police all seem to be in a good mood. They too are just “watching the freaks”.

Of course they have everyone on film. I do not think anyone cares. I just waved and remembered to "smile at the camera".

I do not know, in fact I doubt, I will be back at the epicenter again. I have made my small monetary contribution. Monetary contributions now have passed a half million dollars. Add that to the tons of supplies and enough food to feed a division, and this movement has some serious footing.

Thanks for reading. Pass along this new reality to your friends. America is OCCUPIED!

As occupied as this restroom across the street, Mickey is open 24/7, and is doing land office business, so they keep the toilets open for us. People go in, buy a coffee and use the toilet. Life could be worse.

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