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Royal Botanic Garden, Sri Lanka

The Royal Botanic garden, located in Paradeniya, just outside of Kandy is a magnificent garden and  must see if you find yourself in this part of Sri Lanka.

The entrance to the garden. Altogether this is 147 acres of spectacular plants and trees. There is also a huge orchid greenhouse.

The history of this garden goes back to 1371 when a king with a name too long to type kept court here in Peradeniya. In 1780 it was officially made the royal garden. The kings had residences called vihares and dagobas. When the Brits came here, they destroyed them. But the gardens survived, and over time British administrators,  probably with garden club type wives, started developing the garden. They brought plants and trees from other tropical regions, and they have all survived and prospered here.

Many of the garden managers wrote books about the flora of Sri Lanka, others wrote handbooks on tropical planting and others helped contribute to the knowledge of medicinal plants. So, this has been a work station for botanists for years, and today is a terrific place to take a long walk,so we did.

In the center of the garden there is what is called the Great Lawn. In the middle of this lawn is a giant Java Willow or java Fig. This beautiful tree shades 2,500 sq.m of land and is a popular place for pick-nicking and wooing.

The great lawn is surrounded by many great trees. This is a type of pine. The garden club name might be "twisty-spinney tree". I'm sorry I do not know the real name.

My wife standing in front of an avenue of Royal Palms. That is what they are really called.

My wife standing in front of a "gumball" tree. Whatever the latinized name is, I read that they are from another island, and that they grow this shape naturally.

Some of the trees planted here many many years ago have grown quite large. This one is called "the biggy wiggy tree". Notice the full size human standing in front of it.

I will end with this shot because this is truly "The other side of the coconut" tree. It is quite rare. AND it is androgynous. The coconuts have a weird shape and are quite big.

We actually made one other stop this day. We went to a spice and healing herb shop. We were shepherded around by a guide trained in ayurvedic medicine (google it). He pointed out all sorts of things that could help a couple of old white folk. He also pointed out a cream that removes hair from where you do not want it. He was so convincing that we ended up spending over US$400. On WHAT? you ask. Well,  everything from vanilla extract to a carved out piece of wood that when left full of water overnight and drank in the morning lowers your blood sugar. No change in diet or exercise needed. I’LL TAKE TWO!

Mary Ann dropping US$400 in the medicinal herbs and spices store!

That’s it for today. My next post I will take you to, THE TEMPLE OF TOOTH!

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