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Beyond Assisi, Winery Tour Stop 1

The bloggers conference was over. I did not mention meeting Steve McCurry, maybe the best travel photog on the planet.

Steve McCurry

This is the Steve McCurry photo everyone knows. He gave a speech, answered questions and had dinner with us. A kind and talented man.

Now the Umbria Tourist board treated us to one of six 2 ½ day tours around Umbria. We choose the wine and crafts tour. Others chose the chocolate tour or the adventure tour with white water rafting. Umbria has many attractions and if you are ever in Italy, be sure to visit this wonderful region.

Our first stop was at a very new (in Italian ages) winery. It is called Terra Margaratelli. Our guide works for the Umbria wine promotion board, so the wineries all know him. They knew a bunch of travel bloggers were coming and they really put out the spread.

This winery like I said is almost brand new. They are trying new varietals and blends. They also have resurrected some old endemic varietals mostly grown only by private local farmers and are bottling them commercial for the first time. I really liked the guy in charge. He loves his work and is passionate about it as only love can make you.

We were treated to as much wine as we could handle and still be able to climb back into the bus. My favorite was perhaps the best white wine I have ever had. They call it Greco di Renabianca, it is 100% Grechetto. It is a very full bodied white, with a complexity that makes you think and taste more than once. Because this is still a small winery, I do not know if you can get this nectar in the USA, but ask your wine shop to get some, well worth it!

terra margaratelli

A view of the vineyards through the wine glasses.

Italian wine in french barrels

Margaratelli has special French oakcasks made just for them, which give their wines a unique taste.

terre margaritelli

I am pretty sure I tasted them all!

They also served us a complete lunch, or we could have been in real trouble!

learning Bocci

After lunch, some of the workers taught me how to play Bocce! Great guys!

Next post..the next winery. Or is it the crafts in a medieval village. I forget, too much wine!

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