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Chiang Mai Thai Cooking School!

I just finished a full Monday thru Friday cooking class.

We shopped for raw ingredients. Here are couple shots of the market.

Lots of different noodles in Thai dishes

Some soups use fish balls

peppers were not in every dish, at least not the deserts

I never heard of these before. They add an interesting flavor to soups and curries.

Then we went out into the country to a really first rate big cooking school. It has capacity for maybe 30. With tourism as it is the classes ranged from 5 to 9. I was the only one who took all five days. Everyone else showed up for a 1 day experience. We cooked and were expected to eat six courses each day, and then a desert. I have not eaten anywhere else all week.  Here are a few dishes I cooked.

This was harder than it looks to assemble

It tasted GREAT

"lunch" was always the big meal. two dishes and rice

My curry is first rate!

Today, the last day, seems how I had already been to the market a few times they took me directly to the school and while others shopped, theey tried to teach me how to make garnishes. This is hard, hard mind you. The Thais have this gentle touch with little fingers. Me, with my big clumsy fingers took over an hour to make the following. I made the girl who was showing me how to do it stop laughing.

I'm not cut out to cut out these things!

I just hope Mary Ann does not expect these with dinner. The rose and lotus (from tomatoes each took 20 minutes. The damn leaf took even more. I threw out my first couple attempts, they looked like road kill.

In short, I had a great week. I probably put on 5 pounds. Now I know why Buhda is so fat. And I wonder why the so few Thai people are.

Next week, massage school!

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