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The Coconut Telegraph

Greetings. I am in my late fifties. I am an expat living in Sharjah. “Where” you ask? Sharjah is in the UAE, the United Arab Emirates. When I travel and people ask where I live I say Dubai, which is right next door. I love it here. Dubai is the epicenter of air travel. dozens of places I have been in the last two years were just too far or too expensive to get to from the western hemisphere. Now, they are a few hours and a few hundred dollars away. I take advantage of it, repeatedly.

Before I started this blog I lived on an island off the coast of Panama. The two places could not be further apart in distance or lifestyle. I have definitely moved to the other side of the coconut, hence the weird title of this blog.

This is primarily a travel blog, although sometimes I dip into politics or just weird observations on life. My style is irreverent. I do not shill hotels, restaurants, or cab drivers. Sometimes I mention an excellent tour guide. when I do, believe me he is excellent. I save such evaluations for tripadvisor.

If you read my posts you will see that I really try to be honest, to a fault, about my experiences.

I have been where no white man has been before, I think. I am constantly trying to find another such place. Subscribe to this blog and follow me until I fall off the end of the world ( which by the way IS flat).

Peace, love, travel and OCCUPY.

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  2. UPDATE: I am now on Facebook. I stand by everything I ever said about it being the most lame form of communication since smoke signals between two tribes that don’t speak the same language,
    So why am I there. My new book is about a woman FB addict .It is a humorous tragedy. I have seen so many whackos on the the site that I do not need to make anything up, I am even going to use real people’s names. They will probably want to sue me, but I live in the UAE, so good friggen luck.

  3. You truly captured the mystery/atmosphere/almost other planet experiences that India has to offer. I was there (Nagpur and sampling of northern India) in 1958-59 as an exchange student. Certainly a life-changing experience. My sister, Virginia Schultz, forwarded your texxt and pictures to me. Enjoy your travels!

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