Intrepid Gorillas, Chapter Six

This was the day we crossed into Rwanda.
The border crossing was easy enough, but then the truck threw a dive shaft bearing and we were stranded by the side of the road.

Real Life Experiences is the marketing tagline for Intrepid Travel. We had one about 45 miles inside Rwanda. Suddenly the truck was making horrible screeching noises accompanied by the smell of burning rubber. No one was more surprised than I was when they pulled a spare bushing out of the storage racks. John, the driver is a very competent man, and two hours later we were on the road.

A man from Sacramento named Casey is a portrait artist and spent time sketching the kids.

Casey spent the down time drawing portraits of the local kids. They loved it and quickly learned how to pose.

I am sure these portraits are proudly hanging in the family homes.

 I took pictures with my Ipad which they laughed at when I showed them.

A hoodie in Rwanda. It must be stylish, because it sure was not cold!

Our first planned stop was at the Kigali Holocaust Memorial. It was OK, containing thousands of graves and an eternal flame. But this very ugly period of Rwandan life is not why I came here.
Onto the gorillas!
That afternoon, Intrepid delivered us to a place run by the Catholic church called Fatima. We are a half hour away from the HQ of the trek to see the gorillas. Compared to the rest of the places we have camped, this is five star.
Finally, after traveling all over equatoriana for ten days in a lumber truck, the gorillas!
In the next post I will give you a lot of pictures of these wonderful animals. Stay tuned, tell a friend, and maybe make a comment?

About forrestwalker

An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Forrest, when I heard you were going to Africa, I was envious of your newest adventure. After reading several posts, I’m thinking…better you than me! Camping, cattle car transportation, no thanks. I’m sure it was a wonderful trip, but I’m happy to live it through your blog and photos. Can’t wait to see the gorillas.

  2. Hey…I have to echo Dorreene on this one…better you than me! Sounds like a continuing adventure that I enjoy hearing about but have no desire to be part of…gorillas or no gorillas…

  3. You can go see the gorillas without the trucking!

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