On The Way to Colombo

Here I am on an Air Arabia flight over the middle of the Indian Ocean on my way to a city I had never even heard of a year ago, Colombo. (I am wondering if I should be wearing a crumpled trench coat and smoking a cheap cigar, but I digress) Colombo is the capital city of a country I had only heard of because I am a news junkie, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is only a few years past a civil war that pitted the Tamil Tigers (never to be confused with the team from Detroit) against the establishment who never adopted a catchy name. Altogether both sides managed to kill about seventy thousand people until the the Tigers were, well, relegated to the minor leagues. That is the only reason I ever heard of Sri Lanka until my wife the travel junkie (god bless her) declared it was our next destination.

The flight is only half full but of course the only screaming baby is sitting behind me and kicking my seat. So I pulled out my new toy (no no no, not a toy, a valuable tool) my IPAD. For those of you living in the same cave I was living in before I bought this, it is a combination of everything Steve Jobs deserves sainthood for. I am currently listening to Bodhisattva at full volume on my ear plugs, while typing away on a more than adequate note taking app. In the old days we called this multitasking. Lucky youngsters today call it…hmm…I wonder if they even have a word for it. Anyway I am not bothered by the young Cossack behind me any more.

Cossack you say? Yup, this plane is full of Ruskies escaping the wonderful climate of Moscow. Air Arabia flies out of Moscow to Sharjah and onto many warm places with nice beaches. And they do it cheaper than Air Ruskie and you do not have to fly in a Tupolov. I am sure Vodka is available on those warm beaches, so they’ll be happy as tsars. So I just went into the song list and I am now rocking out to Back in the USSR. I only wish I could stick the ear plugs up the arskie of the Ruskie.

Due to the absolutely ludicrous belief that my IPad could mess with an A320’s navigation system and we could all end up back in Moscow, I am going to have to shut this off while we land. Meanwhile I am staring out the window at a marvelous sunrise over the Indian Ocean while listening to George Harrison perform Here Comes the Sun from the concert for Bangladesh. HMMMM, Bangladesh next month??? Nah.

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  1. It appears that both of you have full time jobs travelling to exotic lands. Can I get a job like that?

  2. Good Lord Forrest, you are amazing, I love your new page set up. Excellent…As always I will look forward to the next episode…and as always please my love to Mary Ann. By the way we are presently living in Sayulita Mexico, and loving it…we are going back to PTY at the end of Feb. to sell the house, make that, try to sell the house. Our time in PTY is done..

  3. Hey big brother, sounds like yet another GREAT trip. I’m sitting in my classroom reading this and wish I was watching the sun come up over Sri Lanka…but still really happy to be here working with my third graders. Please post more often, even any disorganized ramblings by you is far superior to most writing. You continue to amaze me> you have a way of making me feel like I’m along on the trip!
    Much love to you both.

  4. Forrest:
    I love your writing, and I think I, too, am ready to get an ipad. As I type this onto my smartphone I am in our old stomping grounds– San Diego. It is still beautiful here. I am getting all nostalgic. It must be the clouds in my eyes.

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