First Full Day in Hong Kong

Mary Ann took charge of planning the day, over a post breakfast beer.

No, she really does not drink beer at breakfast. This was our first dinner the night before. TsingTao on tap, quite the treat.

My dinner. Roast Duck, yum yum. My fortune cookie read "You have a great wife, take care of her"

She signed us up for a city tour. All in all it was a good experience. The only disappointment was when we got to “the peak” we were fogged in and could not get the best view of HK. We did however get some views from ½ way up the mountain. Also, due to the clouds and fog, my photos appear very washed out.

Mary Ann in front of a small portion of the HK Skyline.

Another small part of the HK skyline at night, from our hotel restaurant.

Junks and newer fishing boats, along with very expensive yachts serve as a foreground for the skyline of high rises at Aberdeen Harbor.

Somehow, we always end up with a good guide. Today’s was no exception. His name was Mr. Ming. He said we could just call him Dynasty. He told us many tales of lore about life in HK.

The agreement in place with Mainland China is called “one country-two policies”

The flag of HK flies next to the Chicom flag. "One country-two policies"

This agreement is good for 50 years. 14 are over, leaving 36 years before the Chicoms take total control. That might seem like a long time, but many HK people are already taking Mandarin lessons. Mr. Ming has a fiancé from northern China. She cannot come to HK yet, because it takes ages to get a passport, and up to a year after that before the Chicoms will grant a visa to visit HK.  Even worse, they want two children. The “one country-two policies” rule is in conflict with the Chicoms “one baby” law. So, after she gets a visa, she has to have one of her babes in HK, but she can only stay for two weeks, and leave the baby behind for Mr. Ming to raise.  Chinese born in HK before the Brits left carry British passports and can move freely between the island and the mainland. Mainland Chinese are not so lucky.

He made sure we knew our bus number because a year ago, an American couple got on the wrong bus. It happened to be headed for mainland China. They got stopped at the border. They had left their passports in the hotel. They did not know the phone number of their guide. Basically they were in deep dim sum. The only thing that got them sprung was the little “I am on a tour” sticker everyone wears. The Chicoms let them go, but they had to work their own way back to their hotel. I have decided to carry my passport, although I seriously doubt I will get THAT lost.

We went to a mall before the tour started and looked at a couple of electronic type toys. I want at least on lense for my new camera, and Mary Ann wants an IPod loud speaker system. We went to the Bose store. They had everything. My wallet screamed “get the hell out of here”. I really do not think there were any “deals” to be had there, so in the next few days we are going to the neighborhoods where stuff is discounted. Problem is, stuff might be knock-offs as well. We’ll be careful.

Partial shot of a 12 story mall called "Times Square" in central HK. We bought nothing, there were no deals in this mall. I looked in the Burberry shop for a raincoat. US$700. AH it is not raining THAT hard. The biggest customers are people from Mainland China.

Thanks for reading, tell a friend. Check back soon for the next chapter of our China syndrome excursion, and please make a comment. I get paid by the comment. One thousand more comments and I can actually afford a dinner in HK.

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  1. I think your fortune cookie was right. Your wife is certainly making your desires more available. But I don’t think you need a cookie to remind you,you are well aware and I think very grateful:) for the blessings she has brought your way. Keep posting and I will certainly keep reading

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