Thai one on, again.

Mary Ann and I are back in Thailand. I am here for my second round of dental work and for the Lo Krathong festival, stay tuned for that one. It is rated as one of the worlds greatest cultural festivals, and I am looking forward to it. I will be in Chiang Mai when it happens (during the full moon) and I will post about it big time. Now back to the present.

Banging around Bangkok

We spent a day in Bangkok because last time we were there we did not get to see the Grand Imperial Palace. So we set out with a mission in mind. The best, or  at least most touristy way to get there, is on the river in a big tourist boat. When we got to the river we were of course surounded by the touts trying to sell us a trip on one of the long tail boats. We did that last time, which is why we missed out on the Grand Palace. No big deal,  these guys are just trying to make a living. Tourism is still slow, although this is the start of the high season. Any Thai will ask you where you are from. When we say Dubai, they ask where our dishdash is,why isn’t Mary Ann covered. Then we admit we are from America. They always say “Ahh, America, Obama! I love Obama! Is he Muslim?”  We explain his father was, but he is Christian. They still love him anyway. It is much more pleasant than having to apologize for Bush.

I have made this comment in previous posts. You RARELY find an American in Asia or the Middle East. Distance? Fear? Tired of being asked why we send our military around the planet killing people? I don’t know, but an  American tourist is rare everywhere I have been this year.

The first thing you see on the river is this fabulous Royal bridge. It looks a lot like the new bridge in Boston,unencumbered by civic budgets

I had to take this picture just to prove to anyone who has never been to Thailand, that WHEREVER you are in this country, you can see a 7/11!

Fiirst view of the Grand Palace from the river.

When we got to the entrance of the grounds where the Palace is, we found out that clothing we can get into a Mosque in is not good enough for the Palace grounds. We had to rent acceptable clothing.

I sure hope that they liked making me look this ridiculous. I rarely look this goofy outside of my own home.

Mary Ann still looked good in her rental clothing. Palace in background.

Our ticket on the boat included a guide. She took us all around and explained things to us she kept using the phrase “my king” or “my queen”. The king of Thaiand has been king longer than any other monarch except that queen in England. He has been good to and for his people. What will happen in Thailand when he dies is a matter of concern for my expat friends here. the crown prince is not very popular and no one knows if there will be some sort of internal struggle for power. We are considering Thailand as a retirement option. Weather, cost of living, nice people, great food, excellent health and dental care and cheap massages are all reasons why.   But we have a lot of the coconut to see still.

I could go on and on about or first day, but I won’t. we are off to Another adventure early in the morning.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading. Make a comment!

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