Mary Ann the Mahout

Well, today was another amazing day in Amazing Thailand. We went out in the country to a wonderful Elephant riding experience. Unlike the fish yesterday, Mary Ann took to riding the elephant, like, well, a fish to water.

Ride ’em Mahout Girl!

Mahout is Thai for Elephant trainer. We only did the one day experience. If you want to do a 4 day experience you can get certified as an official Mahout. Neither of us need that on our resume, so we stuck to one day. We learned how to give them simple commands (left, right, forward and stop).

Mary Ann just crawled right up on that 4 ton animal and started bossing it around.

Stop I tell you! Stop!

She had no fear of feeding them by hand. We fed them Sugar Cane and Bananas.

Not my hand, please

When we were done with our hour ride we bathed them in the river.

Let me wash behind your ears. Hold on, don't move, oh heck with it!

They loved the water. The loved to play. The would roll around under water and you did not know where they would come up. A a baby elephant swam around and sprayed us from his snout. A ounce in a life time experience.

Yes, I rode also.

Whoa! Hold on! no, don't knock over that tree! Will ya stop already!

You have to give them commands in Thai. I couldn’t remember the words so I just spoke cowboy to my elephant, and of course he ignored me.

All in all this ranks up there with the day we swam with the pink dolphins in the Amazon for wildlife adventure experiences! Highly recommended  if you ever find yourself in the Land of Smiles!

In the morning, Mary Ann takes off for a four hour “life changing” spa experience. Me, I am just going to rest my tired butt! Riding an elephant without a saddle is like, well, riding an elephant without  a saddle I guess.

Thanks for reading. Please make comments.

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  1. Love the pics.. great experiences!

  2. That truly does look like an amazing experience, just another one that you two get to add to your ever growing list! Talk about living life to its fullest. Enjoy each other and keep on posting…they are so fun to read! Love you both:)
    Lil sis

  3. Loved the elephant posting. Loved the photos. But where do you put a pet elephant?

  4. A mahout is a person who drives an elephant. The word MAHOUT comes from the Hindi words MAHOUT and mahavat. Usually, a mahout starts as a boy in the ‘family business’ when he is assigned an elephant early in its life and they would be attached to each other throughout the elephant’s life.

    Since mahout is a hindi word, I once asked a Thai what they call, “people who ‘drives’ elephants”.

    He thought about it for a few seconds, and then gave me a loooong Thai expession.

    I then dumbly asked him to translate it to English.

    He said, “people who ‘drives’ elephants”.

    AMAZING Thailand!

  5. Glad to see you foks healthy, happy and enjoying life far, far away from this cauldron of craziness!

  6. oH GUYS, WHAT A FABULOUS EXPERIENCE…the photos told a thousand words….what a blast!!!

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