Mary Ann in the Land of Smiles

My wonderful wife finally joined me in this fine country. So far, she is enjoying it very much. In her normal intrepid spirit, she has meandered on her own to markets and come home with what she sought. I don’t speak any Thai either, so me being along would not help much anyway. The Thai people are always quite helpful, and they are always smiling, hence the nickname for the country, and the title of this post.

So far, I have taken her to a couple of tourist spots I enjoyed before she got here. Remember me writing about Tiger Kingdom? Well, she definitely wanted to see the Tiger Kitties. You can tell from this photo, she enjoyed the experience.

No, you cannot bring it home

Then again, I took her to one of my other favorite experiences the fish/feet spa, which, at first, she did not take a liking to.

OOH. I don't like this!

But after the half hour session, which I made her sit through, because I had paid 100 baht (about $2.75) she decided she liked it, as you can see here.One thing I  had not done was visit an orchid farm. Orchids are a big thing here, and they raise them to export to the world. There is an orchid farm close to the Tiger Kingdom, so we went. Here are some flowers. I know, yawn.

Another thing I had not done was visit any of the temples. They are called Wots. There are wots of them in every town in Thailand, in the second largest city, Chiang Mai, well, take it from me there are a whole Wot. People ask me if I have visited a Wot yet. My answer is “Wot for?”  or “Wots that?” or “Wots a Wot?” Well, Mary Ann and I were walking down the street (any street, doesn’t matter, there is a Wot) and I saw a Wot with animal statues all around it. My first thought was “wot in the hell?”.

We walked up to it to find all sorts of animals represented on the grounds. My favorite was this.


If you don’t see wot I see, here is a closeup

I hope that is not duck soup he is eating!

Wot Donald duck is doing on the grounds of a temple is beyond me. We are going to have to hire a Wot guide to tell us Wot in the heck is going on.

OK, enough with the Wot jokes…

In the morning we are off to become Mahouts! That means Elephant trainers! We spend all day with our own elephant, off in the jungle. We ride him, bathe him feed him and train him to do, well I don’t know Wot all. (sorry, could not resist one more)

Wish us luck.

About forrestwalker

An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Love To you both. Good luck intrepid travellers I am looking forward to reading about your elephant adventures. Hup hup and away. besitos Jan

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