Night Bazaar

There are thousands of little stands, mostly selling handicrafts. If you stop to look at something, you get a huge smile and get handed a giant calculator with the price for what you are looking at on it.  This is a very slow season here,and due to the political unrest or the alignment of the planets, it is a very low low season. A 6:1 farong like me gets a lot of attention. I only bought one thing, something for Mary Ann that I think she will like. It cost me 100 baht, less than $3. There were exotic old ladies in very exotic hats that were selling carved frogs with a wooden stick you rubbed against them and they sound just like the frogs on Hospital Point. All of a sudden there three of them following me down the aisle and it got quite loud.

The restaurant was pretty good, not great, but  a huge menu of dishes I never had before.

Almost every booth had a TV with the Chile Vs. Honduras WC game playing. I would walk by and go CHILE! CHILE! and everyone agreed with me. I don’t think they can say Honduras.

OK, I have bored you enough today, I’ll bore you more in a day or two. Thanks for reading!

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An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Love your posts, Forrest. I’d been missing your UAE updates. Hearing about your adventures in Thailand is fascinating. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Chile, Chile rocked, even in Arabic. How did it sound in Thai?

  3. What fun! Those same frogs are in all the Bocas tourist shops, too.

  4. First off, you could NEVER bore anyone! I enjoy everyone of your posts…they always make me chuckle. Sounds like you are really having an interesting time and enjoying all the adventures. I am so glad cousin Jon is around to kind of show you the ropes. Keep the posts coming. Say hello to our cousin for me. I love you

  5. The readers of Travel & Leisure Magazine, voted Chiang Mai the 5th Best City.

    That’s not the 5th Best City in Thailand, nor is it the 5th Best City in Asia; but the 5th BEST CITY in the WORLD!

    So Cousin Leeann, when are you and your Mom, coming?

    🙂 c.j.

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