If you care to know more..

This is where I am staying:


Really nice room. Room service 3 days a week. WiFi, TV, and a fridge for about $375 a month.

My cousin has lived here for almost 5 years. They treat him like he owns the place. Hell, maybe he does.

I just got back from the local open air market. A lunch of noodle soup with slices of ham (I hope it was ham) cost me one dollar.

The market, if you walk long enough and look hard enough has everything you need. Clothes here range from artsy-fartsy stuff for tourists (like I buy) to what must be over runs on American and European labels. X famous label orders 10,000 shirts of Y style, and they manufacture 15,000 and sell the other 5k in the markets here. I needed some more shorts, I arrived with only 1 pair. They cast me about $8 a pair. Just like I would buy in the USA.

AND oh yeah…I wish I owned that factory that makes the white shirts and blue slacks/skirts for school kids. They all have to wear the uniform here. I checked the prices, about $3 for a shirt, $5 for a pair of pants. Pretty close to what Beso paid for the uniforms we gave away a couple of years ago, right?

If you are wondering, smokes are about the same as in the UAE, less than $2 a pack.

And of course, no surprise here, people who look like they are scrambling for their next meal are texting away on blackberries. I guess I am too old to get it.

Tonight we are going to the “night bazaar”. Supposedly a good meal of Thai/Japanese  fusion  awaits me. I’m sure it will cost more than one dollar, maybe as much as 7 or 8!

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About forrestwalker

An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Another good one Forrest, I just love yr descriptions especially as we are sitting at Tocuman aeropuerto waiting to fly off to the land of “stuff” and where meals cost way more than $8!!! Jrw

  2. Yes, another wonderful post Forrsetivo! Keep them coming. Me? Well, I’m traveling also! I’m venturing all the way to Sebastopol for a long lunch. About forty-five dollars for a burger and a glass of wine. Richard

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