It’s a Wired World!

On To Chiang Mai!

Last impression of Bangkok, same same as my first impression. It is No Dubai. That is not neccesarily a bad thing at all. For instance, in the UAE, where the landscape is not developed into skyscrapers that redefine architecture, it is sand, and more sand. Here, there are few tall buildings, and all of them rather boring. I would not call it Bauhaus, it is more like Baushack. But, in between these buildings are gardens and trees. Traffic in Dubai is worse. The primary reason is that the city planners in the UAE had no idea about traffic flow. They merge all the traffic onto a few main drags, and traffic just crawls. Here my TookTook and Taxi drivers zoom around side streets and alleys, and if there is a rush hour, I have not notced it yet.

Bars?  Everywhere dude. This place even puts Bocas to shame for per-capita bar stool space. The local beer is just OK. It is different from any beer I have ever had before, a strange taste. In a couple of movies I have seen they laugh about the beer in VIET-NAM having formaldehyde in it. Maybe here too. It is about 2.50 a bottle, that is in a sports bar while the world cup is on. I’m sure I can buy it in a supermarket much cheaper. Compare all this to the UAE, well, you can’t.

OK, I’m a guy. I notice women. After the dress codes and customs in a Moslem country, this is like a college campus in spring.

Food. This will take some getting used to. I did not even know fish had balls. Right now I am in the national airport waiting for my flight to Chiang Mai and eating a Spicy fish ball salad in the snack bar. I have already learned that a bottle of cold water is a required side dish to most Thai foods. Or anything with Ice, or a Tiger Beer. (Maybe that is why they put the formaldehyde in the beer.) When Mary Ann comes here in August, I think she will have to subsist on Corn Flakes, she is not a fan of spicy food. Again with the movie reference, I hope you have all seen Good Morning Vietnam. Remember the scene where Robin Williams eats a bowl of soup on the street. Yeah, that was me yesterday, and I LOVE spicy. Spicy is one thing, a napalm bomb on your tongue quite another.

Looking around me in this airport I notice it is maybe 4 times the size of Albrook. It is the old main Bangkok airport. Now it serves national flights and I think flites to “the nam”. The gift shop is fairly large. It even has a bargain table. They sell carved elephants of course. In Dubai, it is carved camels. in Lima, carved llamas. In Bocas, well if Bocas Intl. had a gift shop I guess they would sell crushed beer cans!

I just saw my first Buddhist monk. That orange robe would sure stand out in Dubai! I hope he does not try to sell me a flower…oh Forrest stop that.

OK, off to search for a hotspot so I can upload this. Again, and I mean this sincerely, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

I found the hot spot. Today, to redefine adventure travel, it would mean being anywhere more than a days drive from Internet access.

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An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Just wanted you to know I am reading and enjoying.

  2. Charles Freeman

    Again I ask; what the hell are you doing in Thailand?

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