The Call To Prayer

This is the Holy day, Friday. Mary Ann has gone to church. I stayed home to eat bacon.

The hotel we are in is right next door to a Mosque. Everything in a Moslem country is right next door to a mosque.

Not A Grateful dead Concert

The image you might have is a guy in the Minaret calling out to the faithful to pray. The guy has been replaced by loudspeakers. Inside is the Inman, who “sings” the call to prayer. As far as I can tell, it is a different verse of the Koran every time. One thing I know for sure is that it is LOUD. The call to prayer must be able to be heard everywhere, except I guess in a mall or a movie theater. Living right next door to one assures us that we will hear it. It is like living next door to a disco in Bocas.  But this only  happens 5 times a day. The times are determined by the sun, oddly enough. The first call is at sunrise, so Mary Ann uses it as an alarm clock. I have learned to sleep through it. This first session is to ask Allah for a sinless day. The next three are to remind you to go forth and sin no more, the fifth is to forgive your sins of the day. Because they are timed to the sun, they start earlier now that summer is coming, and end later. But the last one is still around 8:00 pm.  The calls only last maybe 5 minutes. It is not like having boom boom disco going until 4 in the morning. My only complaint is that the Inman should be chosen by his ability to carry a tune. (Arabian Idol??)

The picture is taken in the mid morning session on Holy Day. The Mosque is full, and more faithful are out in front. They bring their own prayer rugs if the mosque is full. Inside, the entire floor is one big rug.  Notice, no Mercedes, this is Ajman, not Dubai. Also notice the shoes. You must remove your shoes to enter the mosque. You must also perform a ritual of cleansing I think is called absolution. It involves washing your hands, left then right, your arms, L/R, your feet, L/R then your nostrils, again, L/R.

Anyway, I thought you might like this little insight.

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