I am LEGAL! But What Tribe Am I from?

Yesterday Mary Ann came home with my passport. It had a full-page Visa in it. The visa has my photograph on it and a holographic stamp. It is quite impressive. AND, it is good for three years.

Now, We must proceed to the next step. We have to get the UAE equivalent of Cedulas. Here they are called EIADs an acronym Emirites Identity Authority doodah. I look forward to having this card. Not only because it make me totally legal, and allow me to do things like get a driver’s license so I can rent a car, and a liquor license so I can buy beer, but because it is being touted by the government as the most modern identification card ever. I guess your whole life is ¬†contained on this card in electronic format, even a scan of your eyeball. I am starting to fill out the application on-line, but I have stopped because I simply cannot answer some oft the questions. Here they are;

English First Name…ok, easy enuff

English Middle Name…do I really want to say Bozo?

English Grandfather Name…my grandfather was not English

English Famous Name…Englebert Humperdink?

English Other Names…jerk-off, layabout, I’m sure you can suggest some

English Family Name…Hmmm

Clan….Well, Mary Ann is Irish of the Ash Tree Clan, but me…

Tribe…I am going to say Hopi and Hopi it works.

And this is page 1 of the app. I’ll let you know about page two soon.

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  1. They want to make sure you’re not of eastern european descent…if you know what I mean. Years ago Australia did the same thing. (they don’t any more.) No Eastern European names (i.e. Jews). Egypt did that when my dad, who was a big shot engineer for the Army Corps of Engs. was asked to be on the Aswan Dam project…then he was ‘disinvited.’ Why don’t you tell them your Grandfather’s name was Feingold and see what happens?

    • They flat out ask (on page two) what religion you are. The real reason is that in this culture, your name contains your family history name and is usually four or five names long. It goes back to tribal times when it was important to them, now it is custom.

  2. Problem solved, you’re obviously from the
    Granada-Alambra tribe huevon, abrazos janny

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