Frosty in Dubai

I have been neglecting my writing for a few days. That is not good. I must write. You don’t necessarily need to read this tripe, but I must write.

First, the ponies. Dubai opened up the worlds largest race track, with the worlds biggest purse races Saturday night. I told you before, they do everything they do BIG. The races were fantastic. The horses were the best from all over the world, and the big race, the Dubai World Cup had a purse of US$10 million! It was a photo finish, less than a nose! Great race! But the most impressive part of the night was the grand opening ceremony. It rivaled and surpassed IMHO any opening ceremony for any Olympics I have ever seen, and folks, this was for a race track!

I must admit I do not like the lack of a tote board in the infield. Horse racing is much better when you have a few bucks involved. But, when in Rome…

We did not go, mainly because it was on a Saturday night and Mary Ann’s work week starts on Sunday. We watched it on TV.  I spoke to an expat on the Metro yesterday and she said that everything was fabulous except the sound at the Elton John concert after the show, which was terrible. Too bad. I’m sure they will figure something out because they want to use this venue for concerts in the future, it holds 60k easily.

The Metro you say. Oh yes. I explored the Metro in Dubai. Now,  they say that this is “The worlds longest Metro”. Define Metro. BART is longer. But, it is brand spanking new and fabulous. Of course (this IS Dubai) they have a FIRST CLASS section, on a metro!

Attendant who helped you find the right stop. Notice the comfy seats. THIS IS A METRO!

OK, so I had to choose a destination, I did not know if they would just let me ride around all day and enjoy the comfort and the view. So, I chose The Mall of the Emirates. Yes, another mall. But this is the mall the world knows about because it has a ski slope!

No, not just a slope, a ski village.

Outside the mall, it is 100 degrees!

It cost 200 Dirhams (that is about 56 Balboas)  to get into the winter wonderland, which includes Ski boots, skis, ski jackets. You have to pay more for lessons. The slope is 4 stories tall. People were getting a good run down.

Hans to Mohammed "bend you knees like you are praying"

The ski instructor were all big blonde Teutonic looking guys trying to teach 15 year old Arabs.

Without having to pony up the fee, you could watch all the fun from a number of Alpine like restaurants  surrounding the ski area.

There was a crackling fireplace also

The walk from the Metro entrance to this, the west end of the mall, took a half hour. Yes, it is a BIG mall. I got hungry, so I of course went to the food court. I felt under dressed.

Should I bus my own table?

Then I took the shortest path back to the Metro entrance. Altogether I had spent over an hour just walking past stores I had no business going into.

I strated walking faster when i saw this display, really fast

That hour of walking covered 1/3 of the 4 floors of the mall. I’m no good at math, but I think that means a full tour, without stopping to shop at DeBeers or anywhere else would take 12 hours.

Today, I am off to find a place called “The hole in the Wall” where apparently I can score a six pack. If I am still free tomorrow, I’ll write about it!

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