More, Better Info About the Ponies!

OK, I got more info on the big Race Day. The name of the big race is called the Dubai World Cup.

The winning horse get 6 million dollars. Ten million total in the purse.

The paper today gave the list of horse, post positions, and ODDS! Maybe I am wrong about not being able to wager at the track.  There are two horses at 5-1 and a few out of the 12 entries are running at 50-1. The ponies are from USA, England, France and one from Chile.

This event is 10 years old now. Every winner for the past ten years has had an Emirate trainer. One trainer has 6 victories out of the 10, and one of his horses is running at 5-1.

Everyone who buys a ticket gets one entry in the “Pick 7” contest. There are 7 races being run, of course the World cup is the last one.  The prize for the “Pick 7” will be enormous, depending on attendance. I was wrong about the ticket price. You can buy a cheap seat for as little as US$100, and the Gold Circle are will only cost about US$350.

There is a woman’s hat contest. The rules I read said that “hats/fascinators” will be judged, I have no idea what a fascinator is. Neither does my spell checker.  First prize for the best hat is a new Range Rover. I told Mary Ann to enter wearing a Yankee cap, what the hell. Maybe that qualifies as a fascinator.

There are at least two random raffle prizes. One is a Bentley, and the other more interesting one is 1 million miles on Emirates Airlines.

After the races the crowd will be treated to a concert by Santana and another by Elton John.

Are we going? Naah. Who needs a million miles and what would I do with a Bentley?

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  1. What are you crazy!
    Only $100 to see Santana AND Elton!

  2. I totally agree with Denise! you would pay five times that if it were The Dead.

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