Dress Codes and Other Stuff

OK, y’all have asked if Mary Ann must “cover” while she is out and about here. The answer is No. She dresses just like (no not really, better) than she did in Bocas. It would be an affront if she wore shorts, which she never did anyway, and another affront if she wore plunging necklines with cleavage showing, which was also never her style. She dresses very professionally when she goes to the office, she always did that in LA. So, no her dress code has not changed.

ME? Y’all know what a slob I am, but here I try very hard to be neater and cleaner than I ever was in Bocas. Cleaner is not a problem, no worries about water and having a hot shower readily available to me (which I seldom did in Bocas) is a treat I avail myself of two or three times a day. Now, if  I could only wear clothes neatly. Or, if I only had neat clothes to wear.

Along those lines, you will remember a few posts ago I mentioned that I was having a “Hawaiian” shirt made by a tailor. I picked it up today. Remember I told the guy “same-same’ . Well, he got almost same-same, except that now I own a Hawaiian shirt with a stiff collar. It is well made and for about $15 altogether not bad. I might have some more clothes made. We will undoubtably need to attend some dress-up affair at the University. I have not owned a suit for an awful long time,  it is now time to go choose the fabric and find a tailor. I have never had a hand-made suit before, so this should be an experience.

different styles

OK, above is a photo of your typical Arab women clothes here. Notice a couple of things. First the handbags. This is ubiquitous. Even the women who wear the simplest baggiest dress, called an Abayaa, carry a fancy designer bag. The Abayaas are evolving into a fashion statement now. Intended as clothing that hides all the curves of the female form, they still do. However, Arab women have discovered “Bling”. Many of the Abayaas, are covered in glittery patterns that look more like a Rhinestone cowboy outfit than anything modest.

But here is the kicker…I don’t know if I find the following disconcerting, ironic, uncomfortable or just down right sexy…but there is something strange about seeing an Arab woman in her modesty ensuring Abayaa, buying sexy lingerie. Oh yeah, I mean killer stuff in expensive stores. A woman dressed to not attract attention choosing stuff in Victoria’s Secret is just astonishing.

In the next blog I will expound on why Pat Robertson would like it here. Stay tuned.

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An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Hi Forrest, i have finally caught up with your posts…Keep it up Mate, (we have been working on our Auzzie/Kiwi accents since our recent visit to Australia and NZ)
    You do have a way with words and I feel as if I am there with you both.
    Living vicariously (sp) I am. It all so sounds so vastly different from anything we know and I think I would like to see it and experience it. Maybe one day. Cheers. Jan

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