Do Any of You Know How to Use a Bidet?

OK, so the answer might be a bit personal, and might get my blog blocked in the UAE, but I have to ask. Basically, is there anything you can do with a bidet you cannot do in the shower?

Hot water or cold?

I have lived in a few homes with one before, but never even tried it. The hotel of course has one and I stare at it like it is a rare antiquity. You do NOT have to answer me if you have or do use one, that would be way too much information to share in this digital age.

How many kinds of Pistachio nuts are there anyway?

eeny meeny mineee moe?

I found this many, I  imagine there are many more types. This was across the street from the wharf where the dhows come into Sharjah from all over the gulf. I sampled most of them, and yes, they are all a bit different. A pistachio is not just a pistachio. I never knew that. Live (travel) and learn. How much? 20 AED a 1/2 kilo. That works out to about US$5.60 for a little over a pound. I have not bought pistachios for a long time, so I do not know if that is expensive or not, but they sure are good.

Charmin Soft! I have no idea what brand toilet paper the hotel supplies, but I hope I can find it when we move into our own apartment and have to buy stuff like that ourselves. TV here would not, does not, have advertisements for things like toilet paper, feminine hygiene, the list goes on. Again, kind of personal, but leave it said my posterior is comfy.

Going Bananas. Chiquita has competition in the UAE.

Bananas bananas

I am sure I could find more. The fruit market has bunches of bananas from Oman that come on the branch, not in a box. All of these come from the Philippines.

Getting lost in old Sharjah. We went touristing in the Heritage area yesterday. Here are a few shots you might find interesting

Can you call a cab?

Astrolabe, google it

The following two pics are from a museum in the heritage section of town.

wmd info

WMD found

By the way, Mary Ann and I went to a movie theater for the first time in 4 years and saw Green Zone.

That is it for today’s post. subscribe and read all about it!

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An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. Hi Forrest, Thanks for the reminder. I thought I had subscribed and just assumed you were too busy learning your new surroundings to post or that your new life was so normal compared to Bocas that you didn’t want to rub it in. I should have known better.
    As for the bedet? When my son first left home, he moved to Steamboat Springs, CO to be a ski bum, or I guess a snowboard bum. Once when I went to visit him, he and his 12?? or so roommates had just been evicted and just moved into a new place. Anyway, while it was still presentable, he invited me over and while showing me the bathroom, I said “oh, you have a bedet.” He responded, “Oh, is that what it is? We call it the Facepukerwasheroffer.”
    Love Always to you and MaryAnn,

  2. As I recall as a young child living in Bolivia , the best use of a bidet was to fill up water balloons to toss at the neighbors… bring back any memories? I have subscribed to your blog because I find you so entertaining… even from the other side of the coconut!

    Much love, Your favorite sister 🙂

  3. Hey Forrest!

    Bidet? I thought that was a sink. I feel dreadful about washing my face in one. Post a picture of you and your wife so I can see what you look like these days.

    Richard Bagel

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