Cultural day

It is Tuesday for people like me who do not work, Wednesday for Mary Ann.

She is of course off supporting me at the University.

She gives me assignments in the morning, that sound sort of like this. “You should go check out the vegetable market”.

So, OK, today I was a scout of the vegetable market in Ajman. Very nice clean market with some veggies and fruits I have never seen, for instance;

A cabbage the size of a basketball

Maybe I am just deprived, but I have never seen a cabbage this big. I felt like dribbling it.


When I asked what this is the guy said pumpkin. I mumbled “thats no pumpkin partner.

No idea

This wart looking thing had a name I could not remember.

1/4 of the market at a glance

So, other than the fact that there were new things for me to try, this market was quite like say Cuzco, just different stuff, and I did not speak the language, so it was tough to figure out what some of the stuff was.  Sometimes all they would say is “cook and eat”. OK good enough.

Before I set off for the market I was sitting here at the computer and I heard bagpipes. Thought nothing of it until it hit me, BAGPIPES? WTF?

I went outdoors and found a parade forming of schoolchildren, with what must be the Bombero band leading the way. I did not ask to have my pic taken with anyone, they were asking me!

Check these out.

Anyway, it is only 1 p.m. here and I have had a wonderful, emphasis on FULL day.

Stay tuned.


My new buddies

Don't ask, cuz I dunno

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An expat living overseas, traveling with my wife extensively and sharing the experiences with you!.

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  1. This blog is great Forrest. I look forward to seeing what you guys are up to. Hope Mary Ann is finding the training stimulating. I ‘google earthed’ the campus and the library is awesome. As far as the cabbage goes, you can show them how to make LOTS of coleslaw and put it with a nice pastrami on Rye and then offer it to them saying, “Eat! Look how you look!” Then run like hell.

  2. Forrest, I love living vicariously through your daily posts. It’s soooo clean there! Where do all the fruits and veggies come from?

    • I bought a box of Kiwis ($2.75 for 15 kiwis) which came from Iran, but don’t tell anyone that.
      Oman grows a lot of the veggies, but most come from the UAE. They have tillable lands here and they also have a very large desalination program to support agriculture and all the water for the cities. Consequently you can drink the tap water.
      Yes, everything here is clean. The people have great pride in their appearance and the government does a thorough job keeping the streets clean, and people do not litter. It is all such a culture shock to me after Bocas.

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